Saturday, September 7, 2013

Can I Wear A Cropped Sweater To The Office?

After collecting the sweater, Mays took pictures from the bridge overlooking where the crew member found the sweater. When asked about the discovery, he declined to comment. The man who found the sweater also declined to identify himself. The Lake Monticello team represented just a fraction of the roughly 50 people out Saturday searching along U.S.

All the while Canadians laughed at the American sweater. Well the joke might be jual jaket jepang on them because on Thursday a picture made its way onto Getty Images of Jonathan Toews , a guarantee to be on the Olympic team, in a Canada sweater at the media day festivities in New York. And, well, just look at it. Let's see here, that's a Nike sweater and you can see that it has the same faux laces at the top of the sweater that the American one has. It's a really good bet that's the jersey.

Follow Comments Following Comments Unfollow Comments Style Strategy As the summer weather begins to wind down, its now time to start thinking about pulling out those fall pieces and maybe even thinking about how some of those summer pieces can transition into fall. Cropped tops made a comeback this past season and it seems to be trickling through fall in the form of cropped sweaters. But can a cropped sweater under any circumstances, be appropriate for the office? Actually, a cropped sweater can help create a chic outfit that is also very work appropriate.